Penn GSE

Urban Teaching Apprenticeship


Here is a list of some of our faculty members’ most recent research activities:

Janine Remillard: Community-Based Math

In 2003, she initiated "Parent-Child Numeracy Connections," a study that examined the ways parents in a low-income community support their children’s mathematics learning. In collaboration with MetroMath colleagues and doctoral students, Dr. Remillard is currently involved in two studies on mathematics learning in home and community settings. One is a study of the mathematics practices and understandings of youth in out-of-school settings. The other follows mathematics homework as it travels between school and home, examining it as a boundary object that links home and school practice.

Susan Yoon

Dr. Yoon studies how student and teacher populations can improve understanding and instruction about complex systems in middle and high school science courses. Using varying learning tools such as mobile technologies and multi-agent computational models, she investigates how abilities in important scientific practices, such as theory building, evidence-based decision-making, and argumentation, can increase. This work also assesses how understanding complex systems processes changes through participation in curricula and activities that integrate these learning tools in classrooms.